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Deep Fake Videos Are Drastically Improving

Nic Carter's On-Chain Data Story

Accreditation Laws Are Violating The American Dream And Discriminating Against Millions

The Reader's 2020 Trend Predictions

State Street Is Jumping Further Into The Crypto Industry

Five trends to watch in 2020

Banks Are Going To Incentivize Digital Dollar Adoption

Jack Dorsey Is Still Highly Underrated

Every Disruptor Eventually Becomes The Man

The “Everything Rally” & Shifting Macro Tailwinds

Money Is Too Dangerous An Idea For School

Funding The Future of Finance

Bitcoin's Resistance to Central Bank Digital Currencies

The Gift and Curse of the Bitlicense

Bitcoin's Missionaries vs Wall Street's Mercenaries

The Rise of Bitcoin Is Apparent Outside the US

Resources I'm Thankful For

Triple-entry accounting may be the most important invention of our lifetime

Bitcoin's volatility and Dollar Cost Averaging

Blockchain Companies Are An Illusion

India's Crypto Industry Just Got A Big Boost

Wealth Taxes and Capital Allocators

The Fear and Fatigue of Bitcoin's Market

Banks Keep Marketing Bitcoin And Don't Even Realize It

Raising crypto money in 2019

Tech Wants In On Building The Financial Future

Real-time information and the digitization of assets

The "Income Generation" Vertical of Crypto

Why Bitcoin And The Early Internet Are So Similar

The Most Popular Crypto Bank Just Went Public

The Digital Euro Will Create More Pressure On The US

Who will build the Digital Dollar?

Delphi Digital's Bitcoin Outlook

Will DeFi Come To Bitcoin's ecosystem?

ICO Structures And Why More People Should Be Speaking Up

The Bitcoin Fund Is Approved In Canada

Blockchain-based stock settlement network gains SEC approval

Uber Launches A Streaming Payment Product

The United States Is Suffering From The Innovator's Dilemma

Bitcoin and Global Protests Are Becoming Intertwined

Congress vs Facebook was a dud

The truth behind institutional interest in Bitcoin & crypto

UNICEF is starting a cryptocurrency fund

User Error Doesn't Mean Bitcoin Is Censorable

The 18th Million Bitcoin Will Be Mined Today

Digital Dollars And Tax Payments

Spencer Dinwiddie, Basketball Player at Brooklyn Nets

The United States Will Eventually Tokenize The Dollar

BNB-Backed ETP Launches & Early Access to Bradley Tusk Interview

Bradley Tusk Interview Show Notes

Libra Association Members Are Being Threatened By US Politicians

The Revolution Will Be Decentralized

Facebook continues to be pressured by regulators and lawmakers

Apple, Uber & Lyft Are Getting Closer to Streaming Payments

Exclusive Interview with Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple

Bitcoin Becomes More Important In Hong Kong & India

[Product Club] Conference Tickets!

Tim Cook Doesn't Like Facebook's Libra

Bitcoin and Quantum Computing

Morningstar Will Accelerate Automated Finance

ICOs, Regulation, and SEC Settlements

The US Should Tokenize The Dollar Immediately

Welcome to the Off The Chain Product Club :)

Venezeula's Central Bank Wants To Hold Bitcoin & Ether

Bitcoin's Price Is A Distraction From Value

Bitcoin's Price Drop And Why It Won't Matter

Bitcoin's Institutional Products And Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin, Emotion, and HODLers of Last Resort

My Takeaways From Washington, DC

Major Technology Companies Continue To Enter Crypto

Wells Fargo Is Creating A Digital Currency

The Future of Asset Management Firms

Lack Of Leadership Is The New Power

Automated Finance Is A Bigger Opportunity Than Decentralized Finance

Coinbase May Be Entering The IEO Game

Bitcoin Is Simply A Big Game Of Monopoly

Never Ask Incumbents For Their Opinion

The Bitcoin Strategy vs The Blockchain Strategy

Digital Mortgages Are Quickly Becoming The Standard

Wall Street Is Digitizing Assets Quickly

Major Corporations Continue To Adopt Bitcoin

Robotics, Manufacturing, Blockchains, and Professional Services

Bitcoin's Future In A Macro Bear Market

Intellectual Capital Continues Pouring Into Bitcoin And Crypto

China Is Close To Launching Their State-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Rise of the Digital Corporation

The Great Currency Race: Who Will Win Global Reserve Status?

$2+ Billion Ponzi Scheme Uncovered in China

Private Competition vs Public Monetary Monopolies

Regulating Bitcoin Doesn't Have To Be Complex

Blockchain-Based Debt Continues To Grow

Bitcoin Did The Things That Didn't Scale Initially, Which Is Why It Remains The King Today

Traditional Brokerages Are Being Disrupted

WeWork Is No Better Than An ICO

Bitcoin, Inverted Yield Curves, And Non-Correlation

Argentinian citizens will seek US dollars

Building a world built on TRANSPARENCY, rather than TRUST

Bitcoin's Mainstream Adoption May Depend On Tax Treatment

"Not your keys, not your Bitcoin"

Bitcoin Can Be An Alternative Without Being A Replacement

It Is Becoming Irresponsible To Have No Exposure To Bitcoin

Bitcoin's Potential Role In The Current Global Instability

Bitcoin and The Mayhem of Markets

Conviction, Discipline and Patience For Crypto Investors Is Pulling Their Investors Into The Digital Age

Is The Crypto Startup Purge Upon Us?

The Machines Will Run The Financial World

Monetary Stimulus Is Rocket Fuel For Bitcoin

Following The Talent In Bitcoin & Crypto

Can A Blockchain Stop Deep Fake Videos?

Regulations Can Be Carrots Or Sticks

The Radical Protection Portfolio

An Epic Email To The CEO of RBC Bank

Congressman Patrick McHenry Steals The Show

Bitcoin made it to the White House & Federal Reserve

The Treasury Secretary Wants You To Follow The Law

Facebook & Silicon Valley Are About To Get A Wall Street Crash Course On The Cost Of Doing Business

President Trump Tweets About Bitcoin

Non-accredited Investors Got A Big Win Yesterday Thanks To Blockstack

Facebook will not operate digital currency plans in India

China Is Building A Central Bank Digital Currency

Bitcoin Is Smarter Than Politicians And Central Bankers

The Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index

Central Bankers Love Crypto Now (lol)

Bitcoin's Department of Defense: The Case For A Global Reserve Currency With No Guns

Facebook's Libra & Money Laundering Scrutiny

Rachel Feinstein, Actress & Stand-up Comedian

Calibra — finally a global digital identity system?

10 Takeaways From My Trip to San Francisco

Crypto infrastructure & products are improving

Bitcoin is likely to hit $100,000 by 12/31/2021

The idea of work may be evolving

The Token Density Theory

Bitcoin's decentralization vs Libra's distribution

Facebook announces a new cryptocurrency, Libra

Bitcoin Is Getting Stronger And More Compelling

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Gains Big Backers

Privacy and freedom during the Hong Kong protests

Italy wants to tax money in safety deposit boxes

Bitcoin's survivability is increasing

Bitcoin can put a dent in income inequality

Bitcoin needs help from the tax man

Is Bitcoin A Hedge Against Global Instability?

The SEC has sued Kik over their ICO

The new world of privacy by default

China, Bitcoin, and the Escalating Trade War

Bitcoin's performance & the long adoption curve

The Perfect Storm For Bitcoin Is Upon Us

Software vs Hardware (Stores of Value)

Defend Crypto and The Battle for Crypto Regulation

Unstoppable Domains and Global Censorship

Bitcoin’s halving is quickly approaching

Regulatory obstacles in crypto persist globally

Russia, Venezuela, and the global dominance of USD

Bitcoin's big night on 60 Minutes

Crypto regulation is about to get very interesting

Bank of America is very confused...

The Bitcoin Bulls Are Back

Enthusiasm is contagious

Banning Bitcoin will drive more adoption

The Institutional Argument for Crypto

Binance was hacked last night

Bitcoin miners are finding innovative energy solutions

Bitcoin's user experiences are improving

The Great Facebook Experiment

Ray Dalio believes we are headed to Monetary Policy 3

Facebook's future is private, but don't bet against them

Digital Assets Data comes out of stealth with $6M

How India Should Attack Crypto Adoption, But They Won't

Bitfinex, Tether, and why they don't matter

French banks have to work with crypto companies

Automated Debt 2.0

Bitcoin fundamentals continue to strengthen

An overview of crypto regulation

China could tokenize the Renminbi

Mastercard is helping Bitcoin

Those that control the audience, control the future

ConsenSys needs to raise outside capital

Learning Coin and the innovator's dilemma

Harvard invested directly in a token sale

Blockstack files for Reg A+ token sale

The most underrated company in finance

China's proposed mining ban is probably just noise

Pensions are in big trouble & Bitcoin can save them

The traditional asset outlook should help Bitcoin

Every portfolio will be 100% digital assets

Andreessen Horowitz is coming for Wall Street

Bitcoin: The Long Term Investor's Dream

Bitcoin ETF delayed, but should we care?

"Legacy thinking is a liability"

Data quality in crypto is improving quickly

First Timers shouldn't be expected to see the future

Apple's trojan horse into crypto?

eToro is the prime example of crypto’s global nature

Decentralized Finance summary and report

Jack Dorsey & Square are hiring open source-focused employees

Tencent's WeChat is making blockchain tech work

Corporations should tokenize the digital assets they already have

Incumbent asset managers will buy crypto funds

AUDIO: Bitcoin is a multi-decade journey to mass adoption

A new wave of tech companies are coming

AUDIO: Is Wall Street capitulating on crypto?!

Marc Faber & Niall Ferguson buy Bitcoin

AUDIO: Never ask incumbents what they think

Central banks "create money"

AUDIO: SEC, ETH, Mining, Sanctions & Trust Wallet

Facebook’s opportunity is bigger than you think

The three core concepts of crypto

70% of consumers don’t know what a cryptocurrency is

The volunteer army of developers

Sentiment is shifting among the bears

Is this the highest yielding deposit account in finance?

Healthcare applications for blockchain technology

The Corporate Central Bank Playbook

AUDIO: Singapore investing in crypto, Facebook & Square financials

Q&A with a Venezuelan about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a market expanding technology

Governments can’t figure out their cryptocurrency strategy

AUDIO: Coinbase, XRP, Buffett, and Jihan Wu

Crypto is for the machines, not the humans

The new crypto product sweeping Twitter

Facebook should decentralize the entire product

AUDIO: Facebook blockchain, UBS crimes &

Millennials trust crypto over the stock market

AUDIO: Elon Musk, Bitcoin, and Bitmain’s struggles

Who is going to step up to help Bitmain?

Bitcoin is used for international trade settlement

AUDIO: Bitcoin ETF, Apple, Digital Securities & Signature Bank

What J.P. Morgan Should've Done

AUDIO: JP Morgan, Bitcoin, and Delphi Digital

Information overload drives need for crypto research

AUDIO: Bitcoin ETF, Coinbase, NASDAQ and bear markets

The magic of Satoshi’s World

AUDIO: What was the Morgan Creek pitch to the public pensions?

Private market valuations

AUDIO: Ripple, Lightning, ETFs, and the SEC

Streaming payments are going to be important

AUDIO: Bitcoin ETF, Wells Fargo & Central Bank Digital Currencies

Central bank digital currencies could cause a bank run?

Audio: Wells Fargo goes down & merging Twitter with Square

Bitcoin is decentralized

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Jack Dorsey and #BitcoinTwitter

SIM swapping and the FBI

The worst kept secret in crypto is that fund managers aren’t fundraising

Passing the Lightning Network torch

Central banks are now launching digital currencies

Facebook just showed us the future

Dirty money, sanctions & a new world

Kik Messenger vs the SEC

Tokenized securities infrastructure is coming along

The crypto capital crunch

Stop calling crimes 'scandals'

Crypto ETF 101

What I learned from CZ

Digital alternative assets

Tokens won't go to $0

The future of lending with blockchain technology

Bitcoin's revenue multiple

Crypto needs better execution

China bans anonymity but is actually helping crypto

Central banks will eventually trust math over humans

Crypto is gaining validation from the bottom up

Blockchain is disrupting trust

The cost of compliance

Tokenized securities are coming fast

A decade since Bitcoin's first block

2019 trends to watch