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We're living in unprecedented times. The US Government has created more than $5 trillion in less than a year, a number so large it’s hard to grasp. Interest rates are virtually zero and unlikely to change anytime soon. This environment will push asset prices (i.e. stocks, real estate) higher and erode the value of the US dollar. More than ever, it's risky to hold cash. The best thing to do is get into investable assets.

And there's no asset that has outperformed Bitcoin. It has grown at 200% per year over the past decade. Bitcoin is the answer to undisciplined monetary policy. Over the past few years, we’ve written about Bitcoin and its place in a quickly-evolving global economy.

In August 2018, we explained why BTC was more likely to retreat to $3,000 (a 50% pullback at the time) before we see $10,000 again. In June 2019, we wrote about why we thought BTC would likely hit $100,000 before December 31, 2021. 

In March 2020, as the pandemic took hold, we anticipated total QE would end up exceeding $5 trillion. And that this would drive an influx of investors to Bitcoin, seeking an inflation hedge. This occurred right before the supply shock from Bitcoin's halving in May 2020. Our conclusion was that Bitcoin would outperform any asset class over the next 2 years as we survive and exit the pandemic.

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