Data quality in crypto is improving quickly


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The crypto market is maturing.

Previously, a big problem with the industry was that data was hard to find and there were major questions about the validity of different data sets. This issue has recently jumped to the forefront after a Morgan Creek Digital portfolio company, Bitwise Asset Management, created a 226 page presentation for the SEC on why the public perception of Bitcoin market data may be inaccurate. The presentation is worth checking out.

Bitwise is in the asset management game though. There are a number of companies that have been created to address the market data issues. Here are a select few:

  • Digital Assets Data — the company has built a powerful enterprise-grade platform that allows fund managers and corporations to conduct analysis of blockchain-specific data in a more efficient way. The product is quickly becoming a go-to resource for the top organizations in the industry. It helps that the founders have previously built and sold a similar data company in the past, along with adding talent from Bridgewater Associates’ team that helped build portfolio generation and investment modeling tools. Check them out here. (I’m an investor)

  • Messari — the company is curating daily insights, market data, and research for clients. They acquired OnChainFX in recent months and combine the onchain data with proprietary analysis and tools. One of their big focuses in recent months has been an open source disclosures database called Messari Registry that aims to become a central repository for project information that can be freely accessed industry-wide. Check them out here.

  • Delphi Digital — the company is an independent research boutique providing institutional-grade analysis on the digital asset market. They have written incredibly in-depth pieces on Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with high-quality analysis on a number of smaller cap tokens and projects. The team comes from the equity research world and the work they produce meets the bar that the public equities market expects. Check them out here. (I sit on the board of directors)

In order for the industry to continue maturing, and for institutional investors to gain more confidence in allocating capital here, we will need to see continued maturation across various aspects of the industry’s data. Investors will need to be able to (1) locate the desired data easily, (2) access it in a user-friendly interface, (3) have confidence in the data’s validity, and (4) be able to massage and manipulate it in a way that drives decision making.

I am personally excited to see cleaner, more structured data being used. The more we know, the better everyone is positioned to make sound investments. The crypto industry was operating in the dark for the better part of ten years, but finally there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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