Bitcoin: The Long Term Investor's Dream


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Bitcoin is back, baby.

The decentralized digital currency ripped 20% over night and surpassed the $5,000 mark for the first time in months. This quick price action was met with exuberance and fanfare from crypto enthusiasts. There are very few assets in the world as volatile as Bitcoin, and when the volatility is playing out, there is a level of exhilaration that is hard to match.

Many times I hear people talk about Bitcoin’s volatility in a negative way, but I believes this is the wrong way to look at assets and their price movements. Volatility historically plays out in short time horizons, but investors focused on long time horizons actually want the short term volatility.

Why is this?

Long time horizon investors have the stomach for the volatility so it doesn’t tempt them to make short-term decisions that are driven by fear, greed, or other emotions. They also understand that volatility in new assets is necessary to create price appreciation over a long period of time.

Forget about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a second. Amazon is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Nearly every investor owns a piece of it through various passive funds. However, it wasn’t always the big, steady blue chip stock that it is today. In fact, Jeff Bezos had to defend Amazon stock’s volatility in a 60 Minutes interview in 1999 (highly recommend watching this).

Since the company has gone public, Amazon has drawn down 90% or more twice. And the average intra-year drawdown for more than 20 years is 30%+. That makes Amazon stock the definition of volatile.

But it hasn’t mattered. If you bought Amazon on the day it went public and held till today, you would have received more than 120,000% on your investment. That means a small $100 investment would be worth more than $120,000 right now. Obviously, very few people bought the initial IPO and have held through the volatility. People need liquidity. They are emotional. They get nervous. And they make short term decisions.

Regardless, short-term volatility doesn’t matter to the long-term investor. Bitcoin will be no different. The digital currency is one of the most volatile assets we have seen in awhile, but that means there is incredible opportunity for investors who have the stomach to handle it.

As I have said many times, Bitcoin is a game of accumulation. If an investor has done their own research, understands the risks, believes in the system design, watches the fundamentals, and has a low time preference, they stand a chance to be rewarded handsomely. This doesn’t have to be accomplished over night either.

Many of the investors that have made the most money in Bitcoin didn’t buy a bunch of Bitcoin in a single slug. They slowly accumulated more and more over months or years. They took a long term outlook on the asset. Shockingly, many of them not only haven’t sold their positions after incredible gains, but are still buying more today.

The world of investing works in weird ways. The investors with patience, conviction, and courage look wrong for a long time….until they are right. Bitcoin’s recent move has brought back a level of excitement that the market hasn’t seen in over a year.

While fun, keep it in perspective. This is a long game and we haven’t even left warmups yet.


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