Sitemap - 2020 - The Pomp Letter

Bitcoin By The Numbers To End 2020

The Fed's Balance Sheet Is A Rocketship

Bitcoin's Christmas Performance Was Bonkers

Financial Market Lessons Of 2020

60/40 Portfolio and Digital Dollar Interest

COVID-19 Relief Package and Continued Devaluation of the Dollar

Coinbase IPO and Personal Income

How The Macro Environment Set Up Bitcoin's Price Explosion

The Bulls Are On Parade

Asset Class Performance Over Last 10 Years

KYC and AML Help Bad Actors, Instead of Good Actors

Antitrust Suit Will Lead To Decentralization

Bitwise Crypto Index and Morgan Stanley Questions US Dollar

The Bitcoin Bull Case: 2021 & Beyond

Time Billionaire

"Nobody Is Going To Ban Bitcoin" - Brian Brooks

STABLE Act, Crypto Indices, EverlyWell, Digital Art, and Walking Bans

The Bitcoin Black Hole

Data Suggests Recovery Is Not Happening Yet

Niall Ferguson Calls For US Adoption of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is Winning The Supply & Demand Exercise

Janet Yellen Is About To Create The Ultimate Bitcoin Tailwind

Macro Investor Weighs In On Gold & Bitcoin

The Big Dogs Are At The Door

Retailers Are Suffering And Thriving All At Once

Never Ignore Innovation

Bitcoin's Market Cap Is Better Reference Than Price

The Bitcoin Narrative Is Picking Up Steam With Institutions

PayPal Is In The Game


Grayscale's GBTC Hits All-Time High

Chipotle, Digital Orders, and Mortgages

Gold vs Bitcoin Doesn't End In Co-existence

Three Things To Watch For Recovery

Make Digital Wallets The Standard

Bitcoin Statistics Tell A Compelling Story

Psychedelic Investment Opportunities More Popular?

How Investors Are Preparing For Election 2020

Small Business Pain In UK & US

We Should Teach Everyone To Act Like A Billionaire

Gold, Walmart, and Tokenized Stocks

The First Investor Endorsement Deal In Crypto

Bitcoin Is Becoming Cool On Wall Street

The Liquidity Crisis Pump Fake

Wall Street Will Try To Normalize Crypto

The Digitally Native Financial System Is Being Built Right Before Our Eyes

The Price Action Feedback Loop

Rebuilding The Middle Class Through Technology

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are All The Rage Right Now

"This is a war" - World Bank Chief Economist

The Investment Case For Bitcoin

Bitcoin Is Becoming The Talk Of Wall Street

Fiscal Policy Is Next

Bitcoin Forced Central Banks Into The Innovator's Dilemma

Square Put Bitcoin On Their Balance Sheet

We're Past The Point Of No Return

The Game Has Changed

The SEC Chairman Sees A Tokenized Future

More Uncertainty Brings More Volatility

Stimulus On The Way To Boost Assets?

The ECB Wants To Join The "Higher Inflation" Party

The Paradox of Convenience and Privacy

Bitcoin Is At An All-Time High*

The Latest Stimulus Package Proposal

The K-Shaped Recovery Is Now Undeniable

The Digital Commerce Trend Leads To Financialization of Everything

The K-Shaped Recovery Continues

The Next Big Bet — Digital Art

The Market Is Calling The Fed's Bluff

Kraken Will Be The First Crypto Bank

Meet The Man Who Spent $425 Million Converting 85% Of His Balance Sheet Into Bitcoin

OpenDoor Found A Match With The SPAC

Airlines Are Securing Multi-Billion Dollar Loans With Their Version of "Tokens"

I'm Launching A New Fund...

External Pressures Are Changing Business Models & Operations

The Viewpoint From Legends Of Wall Street

The Advantage of Programmatic Monetary Supply

Bitcoin's Fundamentals Continue To Tell A Very Bullish Story

It Is A Good Time To Be A Customer Right Now

How DeFi is Eating Traditional Finance

The Market Is Always Right

Americans Are Becoming Less Financially Educated, Rather Than Improving

Winklevoss Twins Make Case For $500k Bitcoin Price

The Start of Capital Markets Innovation

What If The Bubble Is Just Starting?

The US Economy & Federal Reserve Need To Have More Pain Tolerance

Three People. Three Different Businesses. Similar Views.

Capital Flight and Rolling Funds

BlockFi Raises $50 Million Series C

The Treasury Protection Plan

The Austrian School of Economics Is Having A Big Moment In 2020

Warren Buffet's Foray Into Gold Is Prime Example Of What Bitcoiners Have Been Preaching

Apple Is Under Attack From A Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming Giant

A Recap of the Pandemic-Related Economic Crisis & What You Can Do Moving Forward

The Digitization of Business

A Public Company Just Converted Their Balance Sheet Cash To Bitcoin As Their Reserve Asset

Why Ethereum Should Double Down On What It Is Good At

Decentralization's Marketing Campaign

The Technology Story for IPOs Is Being Scrutinized

The Wizards of The Federal Reserve

TikTok and Supply Chain Facilities

Why The Financial Media Got The Bitcoin Halving Wrong & How Bloggers Are Infiltrating These Organizations

The Monetary System Broken Down In Plain English

Slingshot Economics and The Greatest Economic Contraction In American History

The Federal Reserve Is Sitting On The Sidelines Right Now And Politicians Have Taken Control

Monetary Stimulus Packages Are Making Cash "Trash"

Inflation Hedge Assets Are Doing What They Are Designed To Do

$3.9 Billion From Goldman Sachs & The $250 Million Yacht in Bali

A Bitcoiner Is Running The OCC

Elon Musk Bet On Himself And It Is Paying Off

Ant Group Is Going To Copy Amazon's Strategy

The Economic Stimulus Won't Be Enough

OpenAI Released A Language Model That Is Smarter Than You

Decentralization Is An Inevitability

Trust Erodes As We See Bank Runs In China

How The US Government Is Collecting Record Tax Revenue, Yet Continues To Lose More Money Each Year

The Great Separation & Permissionless Opportunities

What Happens If The Fed Balance Sheet Contracts?

United Airlines' Bailout Doesn't Appear To Be Working

This Is Why Real Estate Prices Are Increasing During The Pandemic

The Weaponization Of Non-Violent Technologies

Food Delivery Is Heating Up, Yet Vertical Integration Seems Inevitable?

The IPO Process Is Broken

Is Apple Going To Be Forced Into Becoming A Healthcare Company?

Entrepreneurs Have So Many Areas To Attack In A Post-COVID World

Lululemon Wants To Make You Sweat And Every Company Will Become A Content Company

Are Bankruptcies In The Oil Industry A Sign Of What Is To Come?

Should Twitter and Square Merge?

The Dire Unemployment Situation & An Optimistic Thought

Can Stocks Stay Irrational Until Election Day?

Venture Investing Will Continue To Create Immense Value In Years To Come

Short Term vs Long Term Fed Actions

IDEA FRIDAY: Cash Balance Provenance Checks

Is The Fed Hurting The Economy Long Term?

The Future Freedom Of Ideas Will Depend On Decentralization

Another $1 Trillion In Monetary Stimulus Would be 100% Growth In Fed's Balance Sheet In 2020

Public Pensions Are About To Make Major Mistakes, But They Don't Have To

We Need Government Transparency Around PPP Loans

Facial Recognition Technology Is Coming Under Fire

Many Hard Decisions Are Still Ahead

Stock Market Madness Is Becoming The New Normal

The Four Steps To The Fall Of A Nation

The Global Game Of Supply Chain Chess

Can Stateless Innovation Solve The World's Hardest Problems?

Avanti Wants To Build A New Bank

Bitcoin's Red Dot Has Arrived

America In Turmoil: How Racial, Economic, And Power Privilege Led Us To Social Unrest

College Students, Gap Year, and Bitcoin

China And The United States Have Locked Horns

SpaceX Is Launching Humans Into Space Today

Singapore Announces Their 4th Stimulus Package But They Are Funding These Differently Than Most

We Need More Software Engineering And Less Financial Engineering

The Economic Restart Will Be Full Of Starts And Stops

The Disruptors And The Disrupted

How To Build An Equitable Society

Jerome Powell Was On 60 Minutes And It Was Fascinating

The Re-imagination Of Our Infrastructure

EBITDAC Is Another Outlandish Idea That Coronavirus Has Ushered In

Quantitative Easing Is The Ultimate Drug And America Is Addicted To Getting High

What is going to happen in the commercial real estate market?

The Incoming Dead Cat Bounce In Economic Data

Bitcoin's last 4 years have been impressive

How Many Small Businesses Aren't Coming Back?

The Airlines Have Officially Fleeced The Government Twice In The Airline Bailouts

Is It Really Debt If You Never Plan To Pay It Back?

Is Warren Buffett Bullish Or Bearish On The US Economy?

The Physical World Will Be More Nationalistic, The Digital World Will Be More Global

The Data Is Finally Revealing How Bad The Economic Carnage Really Is

Bitcoin And Gold Are Outperforming

Lebanon Is Teaching The World A Lesson

The Realities Of Re-Starting The Economy

The New Stimulus Package Won't Last Very Long

Unemployment Is Getting Worse And Jobs Are Less Likely To Come Back With Each Passing Week

Control Your Emotions And Psychology

Oil Went Negative Because Nobody Wanted It 🤔

Did The Government Run Out Of Money?

Central Banks Are Propping Up Stock Markets

The United States Is Facing The Ultimate Decision

Airline Bailouts Finally Arrive

Quantitative Hardening vs Quantitative Easing

The Magician Has Been Exposed

The Unemployment Numbers Continue To Get Worse

Data Suggests The Economic Crisis Is Worse Than Most Realize

An Unchanged Bitcoin Outlook

The Macro Argument for Bitcoin Isn’t Dead

Bailouts Are Proof That Companies Are Looking For The Idiot In The Room

The experts weigh in on 2020 tax season

The Vertical Integration of Distribution Channels and Core Products Comes To Crypto

Bad data leads to bad decisions

The Next Quarterly Earnings Are Going To Be A Reality Check

We Continue To Be Headed Towards Great Depression Unemployment Numbers

The Stimulus Package Has Been Agreed On

Stimulus Money Through A Digital Dollar?

The Economic 'Circle of Life' Has Been Broken

The Best And Worst Assets Coming Out Of The Corona Financial Crisis

The Only Way To Stabilize Markets Is To Devalue The Dollar

We May See Unemployment Numbers That Match The Great Depression By The End of 2020

The Economy Needs Help So Where Will It Come From?

The Fed Dropped A Monetary Stimulus Bomb And The Market Rejected It

Wall Street Is Addicted To Stimulus And The 'Capitalists' Are Begging For Bailouts

The Liquidity Crisis Will Drive Monetary Stimulus, Which Will Force The Adoption Of Sound Money Properties

The Inputs Are Really Important Right Now

The Stock-To-Flow Model Is Becoming More Accurate

This Too Shall Pass

Off The Chain Is Re-Branding :)

The Economic Slowdown Has Started

India Supreme Court Strikes Down Crypto Ban

The Federal Reserve Is Running A Marketing Campaign For Bitcoin

ETH Is No Different Than A Fiat Currency

Footballs and Carpenters – How Commissioner Peirce Reinvigorated An Industry

Square Continues To Be A Quiet Beast For Bitcoin

Governments are handing out money & my CNN interview

Our Money Problems Aren't Technology Problems, They Are Monetary Policy Problems

Bitcoin continues to be non-correlated during coronavirus scare

The Decentralized Web Is Becoming An Inevitability

Bitcoin Mining And National Security

Is Coinbase accidentally creating a new use case for the long tail of digital assets?

The real world needs Bitcoin, but it will take time

BlockFi raises $30M Series B

The Bitcoin Narrative Is Changing Publicly

Is JP Morgan's Blockchain Team Capitulating?

The Psychology and "Magic" of Bitcoin

DeFi Industry Hits $1 Billion In Locked Value

Central Bankers Are Slowly Helping Bitcoin

What Doesn't Kill Consensys Will Make It Stronger

We Are Watching A Case Study In Human Emotion And Market Dynamics

Decentralization Can Solve Deplatforming

Strike Can Send Money Cheaper and Faster Than Anyone Around The World

The Talent Arms Race Is Underway

Bitcoin Is Used Less Than Dollars For Illicit Purposes

Digital Wallets As Identity

The Lessons Of Kobe Bryant

Blockchain Companies May Go Public?

Square Continues Pushing The Pace Of Innovation

Volatility is Everywhere

Ray Dalio And Bitcoiners Agree On More Than He Realizes

Blockchain Technology Needs Culture & Sports

Gemini Proves Vertical Integration Trends Will Continue

Crypto Exchanges Are The New Distribution Platforms

Visa Buying Plaid Is Just The Beginning Of Fintech Consolidation

The United States Is Increasing The Likelihood Of Bitcoin's Adoption By Foreign Governments

The ECB Is Marketing Bitcoin And Don't Even Realize It

Bitcoin Mining With Nuclear Power

Uncertainty Brings Volatility

Conflict Around Bitcoin Is Necessary

Investing In Innovation Takes Patience

2020 will bring the rise of missionary Bitcoin founders

Earning Bitcoin Will Rise In Popularity In 2020