Sitemap - 2021 - The Pomp Letter

Price Gouging, Price Controls, And Inflation

The Pentagon Failed Another Audit & How To Fix It

Bitcoin mining is an attractive alternative to rental properties

Bitcoin Is Moving In Lockstep With Treasury Yields?!

The Automated Central Bank Is Superior

On-Chain Metrics Highlight Previously Unknown Data For Assets

Warren Buffett, Bitcoin, and Compounding

Inflation Is Upon Us

WhatsApp Will Integrate Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Interest Increases Across Demographics

The Impossible Becomes Possible

Insiders Are Selling Stock At Incredible Pace

Young People Have Lived Through More Market Downturns Than Any Other Generation In History

Ray Dalio Explains Why Stimulus Hurts In The Long Run

Bitcoin's On-Chain Distribution Continues To Be More Decentralized

10 Epic Bitcoin Mining Photos

Small Bitcoin Addresses Hit All-Time High And Fees Hit Multi-Year Low

Bitcoin City Will Be Funded By Bitcoin Bonds

Bitcoin Volatility Compared To The S&P 500

Solving Corporate Balance Sheet Pain

Your Portfolio Gains Aren't What You Think They Are

Cities Want To Pay Citizens Bitcoin

Inflation Hits A 30+ Year High

The Dollar And Bitcoin Co-Existing

Focusing On What Is Most Important

Bitcoin Mining With The Navajo Nation

Inflation, Price Gouging, and Price Controls

Crypto Equities: One Of The Most Overlooked Corners of the Public Markets

Everyone Wants More Bitcoin

El Salvador Keeps Buying More Bitcoin

The High Fidelity Metaverse

The Default Will Be Bitcoin & Crypto

Corporations Understand Inflation Better Than The Fed

The First Public Pension Funds Buys Bitcoin Directly

Bitcoin Is The Answer For Wall Street

Plug Into The Network

Square Is A Bitcoin Company & Mark Cuban Is A Bitcoiner

The Bitcoin Futures ETF Timing Is Ridiculous

The Inflation Mirage

Financial Surveillance Is Upon Us

Decentralization Is Inevitable

Bitcoin Mining Is A Narrative Violation

The Incumbents Are Taunting Us

Bitcoin Nuclear Power Mining

Bitcoin and Politicians Getting Along

Helping 10,000 People Get A Job In Crypto

All Is Quiet, But Milestones Are Abound

The Re-Creation of The Legacy Payment System

The Good Hackers of Crypto

The US Should Buy Bitcoin For Strategic Reserves

Everyone is right, just not all of the time

China Hates Bitcoin...Not Surprising

Young People View Bitcoin Uniquely

Crypto Marketing Pushing Into The Mainstream

The City of Miami Got $5 Million From MiamiCoin

The Economic Data Can't Possibly Be Accurate. Here Is Proof.

Transparent Financial Markets

Freedom Requires Constant Practice

Inflation Numbers Are Here To Debate

Low Fidelity Virtual Jobs Are Already Here

I made a mistake. NFTs are going to be much bigger than I anticipated.

How Businesses Want To Use New Payment Rails

El Salvador Officially Adopts Bitcoin

Prediction Markets and The Beauty of Crowds

Bitcoin Tipping on Twitter

The Game Has Changed & You Need Mental Agility

Lightning Network Overview

Bitcoin-Denominated Assets

Legacy Banks Don't Want To Be Disrupted

Bitcoin Is Good For Business

Monetary Maximalism & Technology Competition

Lightning Network vs Western Union

Products vs Protocols

Speed vs Security: The Ultimate Trade-off

Twitter Is Trying To Do The Impossible

The Gold Standard - 50 Years Later

Taxbit Just Raised $130 Million

Coinbase Beats Expectations & The Future Is Bright

The Video Game of Markets

Bitcoin doesn’t need Presidents, but Presidents need Bitcoin

Are We Repeating October 2020 Before The Big Bull Run?

The Infrastructure Bill, Bitcoin and Crypto

Pay Increases Aren't Keeping Pace

Which Assets Were The Best Inflation Hedge?

Humans Are Being Asked To Do The Impossible

The Supply Shock Is Underway

Humans Shouldn't Run Monetary Policy

We Have An Education Gap With Politicians

Last Man Standing Is A Winning Strategy

Amazon, Bitcoin, and The Future

Is A Short Squeeze Upon Us?

Fix the money, Fix the world

Trillion Dollar Opportunities Identified?

Human Emotion Dislocates From Fundamentals

The Increasing Risk of Round Two

Miners Are Accumulating And Investors Are Removing Bitcoin From Exchanges

The Fed Admitted The Numbers Are Wrong

Inflation hits historic levels & Fink says it is not transitory

Stablecoins, Institutions, and DeFi

Financial Education Is A National Emergency

New Whales Entering The Market & Bitcoin Leaving Exchanges

Every Crypto Company Has To Choose Their Customer

Bitcoin Rewards Will Create Persistent Market Demand

The World Is So Crazy That Grocery Stores Are Speculating Like Hedge Funds Now

How China's Crackdown Is Impacting On-Chain Metrics

Wall Street Brings Pros and Cons To Bitcoin

The Lebanese People Are In A Dire Situation

Who Will Spend Their Way To Becoming The Global Crypto Brand?

Adoption Occurring On Different Continents From Billionaires To Young People

Strong Hands Are Aggressively Accumulating Bitcoin

$2+ billion to fund innovation

Professional Investors Are Unaffected By Sentiment Changes

When I'm Selling My Bitcoin

China Just Made A Significant Geopolitical Mistake

Bitcoin Is Heavily Oversold & Strong Hands Can't Stop Buying

Malleable Monetary Policies Lead To Uncertainty

Paul Tudor Jones Explains Bitcoin's Certainty As An Investment Case

The Market Manipulators Are Laughing As They Ruin The World

The Re-Accumulation Phase Is Almost Over

The Rise of Stablecoins

The President of El Salvador Spoke Last Night

How Law Enforcement Recovered Ransomware Bitcoin

The Shot Heard 'Round The World

Bitcoin Is Stuck In No Mans Land

Russia Drops The Dollar

The Community Is Relentless And That Is A Good Thing

Is the Sell-Off Over Or Will There Be More Pain?

You Can't Print & Borrow Your Way To True Growth

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Is Non-Linear

Ray Dalio Has Purchased Bitcoin

China Gave Us A Gift Last Week

Who Was Buying And Selling During This Week's Price Crash

Who Was Buying And Selling During This Week's Price Crash

Rubenstein Says Technology Won't Be Banned

Emotional Control For Investors Is Key

Announcing Bitcoin Pizza :)

There Are No Gods Among Us

What Happened To Bitcoin When Elon Tweeted

Bitcoin, Mining, and Elon Musk

NFTs And What You Need To Know

Fix The Education, Fix The World

The Crypto Barbell Strategy

On-Chain Metrics Show Bitcoin Is Coiling Like A Spring And Ready To Rip Higher

Crypto-Only vs Crypto-Enabled Businesses

The Future of Equities

Crypto Payments Are Coming Fast

Buffett And Munger Highlight Bitcoin's Opportunity

Bitcoin Continues To Move To Strong Hands

Transparency Is Essential In Monetary Networks

Information Markets Create A New Asset Class

Tesla, Bitcoin, and Cash Equivalents

Liquidations Catch Bulls and Bears

On-Chain Metrics Explain The Bitcoin Price Dip

The Social Economy

Yield Arbitrage Is Coming To Corporate America & Wall Street

Bitcoin: Origins And Cultural Significance

Bitcoin, Rumors, Price Movements, And Market Maturation

The Bull Run Has More Room To Run

BlackRock and Bitcoin

The Virtual World

Bitcoin Is Becoming A Medium Of Exchange

Why We Still Underestimate Bitcoin's Financial Impact

Bitcoin's On-Chain Metrics Tell A Bullish Story

The United States Should Be Pro-Bitcoin

Coinbase Is A Beast

Global Competition Is Important

Bitcoin Is A Game Of Accumulation

Bitcoin Is Leaving Exchanges And Miners Are Getting Rich

Brainstorm on NFTs

A Fighting Chance Is All You Can Ask For

Visa Begins Using USDC

The Technologists Are Leading The Charge Now

Will the Bitcoin ETF be similar to the Gold ETF?

The Education Behind Elon Musk's Children

Morocco Banned Bitcoin, Yet Adoption Increased

The Lira Is Marketing For Bitcoin

Bitcoin's Information Insurgency

Investors Will Always Try To Front Run Inflation

Differentiated Investing Is An Advantage

Bitcoin Was The Safe Haven Asset We All Needed

BlockFi Raises $350 Million Series D

Don't Fight The Fed

Billionaires Can Be Open-minded And Forward Thinking

The Stimulus Package Won't Cut Poverty, It Will Accelerate It

What If The Numbers Are Inaccurate?

Jay-Z and Jack Dorsey Aren't Playing Around

A New Era Is Upon Us

The Currency of Choice for International Trade

Meet Five of the Greatest Investors You've Never Heard Of

Coinbase and The Fed System

Corporate America Needs More Bitcoin

Humans Are Really Bad At Managing Sentiment

First Bitcoin ETF In North America

More Stimulus Is On The Way??

Gold Bugs Are Capitulating

Wall Street Is Protecting Bitcoin

The Higher It Goes, The More Valuable It Becomes

Decentralization, Power, And The Digital World

Miami Becomes The First Bitcoin Municipality

BNY Mellon Will Custody Digital Assets

Bitcoin By The Numbers

The Dollar Supply Is Growing FAST

Elon Musk and Tesla Are In The Game

Super Bowl and DeFi

The Saylor Playbook Is Being Shared

Visa Is Going Full Crypto With A New Product

Robinhood and Coinbase Seeing Record Downloads

You Can't Ban An Open, Decentralized Protocol

Elon and Ray Are In The Game

The Game Has Changed

Circle's New API Automates Two Worlds

"Have you robbed your billionaire today?"

Central Banks Are Pursuing The Right Idea But Wrong Strategy

Emerging Markets Are Catching Up On The Wealth Scale

People Are Adopting Bitcoin Even When It Is Illegal

Janet Yellen Is Going To Make Investors Rich

Bitcoin Mining Is Good For The Environment

The Money Printer Is Warming Up Again

The Decentralization Investment Thesis

Bitcoin Is The Most Regulated Currency In The World

Bitcoin's Drop and Big Bounce

Decentralization Is A Necessity Now

Bitcoin is 10x Better Than Gold

Markets Don't Care About Uncertainty Right Now

We Are Underestimating Everything

The OCC Opens The Door For Decentralization At Banks

Inflation Is Killing The American Dream