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To investors,

The best entrepreneurs and investors seek efficiency. They are in a constant search for how they can do more with less resources. You see this in capital allocation decisions, supply chains, headcount, and strategic efforts. Invest the least amount of resources to get the highest amount of impact.

One of the biggest arbitrage opportunities in this pursuit is for an individual or entity to plug into the bitcoin network. When you plug into the network, you are essentially hiring millions of volunteers around the world to come work for you. They work 24/7/365 and you have to pay them nothing.

These volunteers are writing software code, securing the bitcoin network, building infrastructure, scaling payment rails, providing liquidity, conducting global marketing campaigns, and much, much more. Everyone is rallied around a single idea — usher this new digital currency to global adoption.

If you wanted to hire millions of people around the world to work for you, it would cost billions of dollars. You would have to build a massive company to support them all. You would deal with a daily nightmare of coordinating that many people to all work together. There are very few companies in the world that employ more than 1 million people.

But the Bitcoin team is more than 100 million strong.

The community has leveraged an economic incentive to coordinate immense resources globally. We have built the strongest computer network in the world. We created a trillion dollar asset out of thin air. We have taken over mainstream television, newspapers, and media outlets. Bitcoin has become a global brand with awareness that would normally take billions of dollars to create.

These assets and people are all willing to come work for you at a moments notice and they’ll do it completely for free. You just have to plug into the bitcoin network.

Do you want to hire thousands of software engineers? Plug into the network. Do you want to hire one of the world’s best marketing teams? Plug into the network. Do you want to hire a world-class security team? Plug into the network. Do you want to hire a central bank to protect your purchasing power? Plug into the network. Do you want to build a global brand? Plug into the network.

This is true for technology companies and non-technology companies alike. Take Tahinis Restaurant in Ontario, Canada. They have 8 locations and employ a relatively small team, but they have built a global brand that results in bitcoiners from around the world traveling to Ontario to come eat at their restaurant. How did they do it? They simply plugged into the network. The team behind Tahinis purchased bitcoin on their balance sheet (plugging their capital into the network!) and then got on the internet and told people about it. Bitcoiners took care of the rest.

This is the beauty of the network. Once you plug in, Bitcoiners will take care of the rest. We have seen the community throw their support behind individuals, institutions, corporations, and even nation states. When you plug into the network, you’re hiring millions of people around the world to start working for you.

We will protect your purchasing power. We will build your brand. We will support your software. From all corners of the Earth, Bitcoiners will join your team.

The single most important decision a company can make right now is when and how they plug into the bitcoin network. It is the highest ROI chess move that you can make. Hire millions of people and pay them nothing. You just have to gain the courage and conviction to do it.

Plug into the network. We’ll take care of the rest.



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Eric Balchunas is Senior ETF Analyst at Bloomberg and James Seyffart is the ETF Research Analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

In this conversation, we discuss ETFs, Bitcoin, Futures vs Spot, ETFs vs Trusts, Grayscale, the SEC, and future capital inflows.


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