Sitemap - 2022 - The Pomp Letter

My Top 10 Books of 2022

Inflation, Minimum Wage, and Free Markets

How Apple Created The Best Products In The World

The Long-Term Damage of Inflation

Equity vs Tokens - What Are People Doing?

Paper Belt On Fire

Crypto’s Anti Lehman Moment

Consumers Are Feeling The Pain

The Robot Likes Bitcoin

This Book Explained Why You're Breathing Wrong

Artificial Intelligence - Booms, Busts, and the Singularity

What We Owe The Future

Bitcoin As A Central Bank Risk Mitigation Tool?

Freedom Is Crucial To The Human Experience

The Replication Spectrum

Busting Bear Market Myths

The Best Book I've Read On Aging & Death

My Honest Reaction To This Week's Events

Remember Why We Are Here

The Great Pandemic Bubble Is Popping

This Book Will Help You Break Your Dopamine Addiction

The Fed Is Saying Two Things At Once

Central Bank Digital Currencies Are Coming Fast

Curiosity Can Change Your Life

Can Alternatives Save The Retirement Crisis?

Public Miners Are Struggling

The Retirement Crisis Is Getting Worse

Pomp's Notes on Mastery

How Miners Grow During Bear Markets

The Turkish Monetary Policy Experiment

Competition Is Increasing

Children, Wealth, and What You Should Do

Jamie Dimon Is Speaking His Mind

Bitcoin's Volatility Is Near All-Time Lows

The Bitcoin Story Is Not Over

PayPal Wants To Be The Thought Police

The Path To Greater Institutional Adoption

The Renaissance of Building

The Power of Changing Your Mind

Food, Energy, and The Digital World

QE Is Back? And Druck Says Crypto Will Have A Renaissance?

Central Banks Are Focused On Crypto

The Obsession With Greatness

Interesting People. Young People. Young Ideas.

Powell Is Bringing The Pain

We Aren't Going Back

How To Find Great Talent

Is The Merge Good or Bad?

The Fed Is Fighting Inflation

Why Is US Life Expectancy Dropping?

Did I Change My Mind On Bitcoin?

American Life in 1870 Was Wild

The Rise and Fall of American Growth

China Isn't Talking About Quiet Quitting

Inside Reading With A Billionaire

The Energy Crisis Is Getting Worse

The Unlikely Alliance Testing America

These Images Were Created By A Machine But You Can't Tell

Julian Robertson Was A Lifelong Learner

European Summers Turn Into European Winters

Not Your Keys, Not Your Coins

Inflation Is A Global Problem

Entrepreneurs Should Swing Big

History Rhymes

Is A Soft Landing Possible Anymore?

Wall Street Has Arrived To Bitcoin

Tornado Cash Situation Is Getting Wilder Every Few Hours

Elon Musk Highlights A Big Problem In Silicon Valley

The Bull Case For Labor Market

Institutions Aren't Running From The Bear Market

Is The Great Layoff Upon Us?

Inflation or Recession? Why Not Both.

The Crazy Market Rally Explained

The US Economy Is In A Recession

Past Speeches Can Inform Us About Inflation And Recessions

Recession Gaslighting

Elon Musk Has Lettuce Hands

The Dollar Continues To Strengthen

Inflation Was Created In Washington

3 certainties in life: Death, taxes, and ever-increasing monetary intervention

The Fed's Lose-Lose Situation

We Are Revealing A Business We Built In Stealth For The Last 18 Months

The Builders Are Essential

Geopolitical Uncertainty, The Past, and The Future

Bitcoin, Millennials, and the American Dream

Is Inflation Supply or Demand Driven?

Should We Brace For Higher Unemployment?

Howard Marks, Cognitive Economics, and Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a hedge for loose policy, not inflation?

Disclosure Requirements & Regulation Is Coming

G7 Bans Gold From Russia - Does It Matter?

Who will survive when the 'everything bubble' pops?

Listen To Earn & Bitcoin

Weekend Volatility Leads To Significant Losses

The Fed Is Playing Chicken With The National Debt

Markets Take The Stairs Up And The Elevator Down

Bitcoin Value vs Price

Inflation Is Out Of Control

Bitcoin's Pre-History Is Important

The Key Data Driving Monetary Policy, Yields & Asset Markets

The Game Is Changing For Inflation & Dollars

Build Something People Want

New York vs Bitcoin Mining

VIX Creator Wants GBTC Converted To ETF

Small Businesses Are Suffering Globally

Jerome Powell Is Being Called To The Principal's Office

Ransomware Is A Growing Problem

Free Men, Central Bankers, And No Plan

Critical Thinking About Hard Problems

Regulate Something That Is Worthless?

The ESG Narrative Is Falling Apart

Non-Dilutive Funding Becomes Incredibly Important During Market Downturns

Builders Are About To Be A Lot More Popular

Some Thoughts On LUNA / UST

Inflation And The Difficulty Of Numbers

Investing and Emotional Control

Unpacking the Intricate Relationship Between Bitcoin and Inflation

Crypto Bahamas Review: Web3 isn’t Coming… it’s Already Here

Regulation Is Coming

There Is No Return To Normal

The Big Reveal...Is Not Working Well

Bitcoin Mining Is Becoming More Efficient

Fidelity Brings Bitcoin To Retirement Accounts

Elon Musk Is The Greatest Entrepreneur Of All Time 🐐

Mortgage Rates Are Highest In 12 Years, But Home Purchasers Aren't Slowing Down

Is The Federal Reserve Preparing To Increase Their Inflation Target?

Free Speech Is For Sale

Central Banks Are Showing Signs Of Extreme Stress

Inflation Is Here And Putin Didn't Create It

Bitcoin Related To Everything

Strike Is Bringing Freedom To Retail Merchants

Bitcoin Is Made Up Of Everyone

Takeaways From My Conversation With Chris Larsen, Co-Founder of Ripple

Bitcoin Is Pristine Collateral

There Is Not Enough Bitcoin Available In The Market

Free Markets vs Market Interventionists

Oil and Gas Will Usher In The Bitcoin Standard

Real estate is the original reserve asset

Follow the money, Follow the talent

Crypto Critics and Cognitive Dissonance

The $10 Billion Bitcoin Bet On Stablecoins

Culture Is Fueling Interest In Money And Finance

Traditional Markets Are Learning From Crypto

Human Monetary Policy Creates A Circus

Non-State Money As A Power Law Investment

Higher Education Is Embracing Bitcoin And Crypto

Inflation Is Officially Out Of Control

The White House Wants To Lead In Bitcoin And Crypto

The Insiders Are Yelling Warning Signs

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best

Ukraine Wants Airdrops and NFTs?

Is Inflation Priority Number One?

We Should Not Normalize Economic War On Innocent Civilians

The US and NATO Mitigate Short-Term Problems At The Expense Of Long-Term Problems

The Third Wave of DeFi: How the Challenges of 2021 Laid the Groundwork for DeFi’s Next Potential Bull Run

Russia, Ukraine, China, Oil, and Bitcoin

Central Bank Digital Currencies Will Be One Of The Greatest Violations Of Human Rights In History

Bitcoin Is The Freedom Technology The Western World Needs

Why BlockFi's $100 Million Settlement Is A Watershed Moment For Crypto Industry

Financial Censorship Is Becoming Pervasive

Russia Is Playing Geopolitical Chess

Big Four Accounting Firm Purchased Bitcoin And Ethereum

Early Stage Return Probabilities Are Inverting

Will Staking and Mining Be Tax Free?

2021 Crypto Job Report

Fidelity Thinks Bitcoin Can't Be Replaced

Micropayments Reduce Centralized Risk

Long-Term Investors Have Less Stress

Crypto Exchanges and Outages

Market Extremes Bring Out Pseudo-Intellectuals

Why TVL Is An Important Gauge For Market Sentiment

David Swensen, the Greatest Institutional Investor of All Time

Competition Instead Of Conflict

Rio de Janeiro Is Investing In Bitcoin

Politicians Don't Want To Ban Bitcoin. They Want To Ban Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Why UK Bitcoiners Might Be Leading The Next Wave Of Adoption

Seek Out The Heretics

The State of Crypto Developers

Public Company BTCS Will Pay Bitcoin Dividend

Trust Has Fallen And Joe Rogan Is Rising

Who Owns Web3?