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The Pomp Letter Takes On Wall Street

The Pomp Letter Takes On Wall Street


To investors,

I started writing The Pomp Letter in May 2018. Next month will mark 6 years of writing every morning about bitcoin and financial markets. Throughout this time, I have been the sole writer and operator behind our work.

I started writing because it helped me to formulate my thoughts each day. You can’t write clearly if your thinking is messy. Although writing is the most selfish thing I do, it has been very cool to see The Pomp Letter grow to more than 30 million readers annually — this makes you part of one of the largest reader audiences in finance.

But now I want to do something even bigger and better.

Today I will announce a push into the traditional finance vertical. We are going to do original reporting through the same outlook on the world that you have come to expect from The Pomp Letter — an outlook that ignores mainstream narratives, obsesses over finding truth, and constantly questions everything. 

This is a big, bold bet on my part. It is a little scary and very risky. It is a bet worth making though.

In order to pull this off, I have teamed up with Phil Rosen — an award-winning journalist from Business Insider who previously wrote one of the most popular finance newsletters on Wall Street. 

Phil has a set of skills that I don't have. Together we are a great team. 

So…buckle up. We are going to start covering Wall Street just as passionately as we have covered bitcoin. You can expect unique insights, exclusive interviews, and a data-driven analysis of various markets that are driving capital flows across finance.

For those of you who only want bitcoin content, nothing will change for you. You will still get The Pomp Letter every morning. I will write it with the same focus and intensity that I have for the last 6 years.

The new content will be sent under the name Opening Bell Daily. We will slowly roll it out to each of you over the next two weeks. This is a deliberate strategy to ensure that the product and content is as high-quality as we can make it. Please give us feedback early on — feedback is a gift that will help us continue to improve.

If you don't want to join us for the ride into enemy territory (Wall Street!), I get it. You can unsubscribe from the new coverage by clicking the unsubscribe button when you receive the welcome email. I only want you to get information from us if you find it valuable and informative. There is more information in the press release below.

For those of you who want the Wall Street content, I can promise you we are going to do our best to build something that is worth 5 minutes of your precious time every morning. 

I appreciate all of you immensely. You have made the last 6 years incredibly fun and informative. I can't wait to see what the next 6 years hold. 

-Anthony Pompliano

PRESS RELEASE — Introducing Opening Bell Daily

This is one of the most pivotal financial chapters in our lifetime. 

Federal Reserve policy is up in the air, investors are piling into the stock market in droves, and the US economy is flashing signals of both an imminent recession and unusual strength. 

Meanwhile, the media landscape has never been more fractured. Smaller newsrooms continue to shutter and legacy outlets publish the most critical financial stories behind paywalls, leaving many readers out of the loop.  

Now, award-winning financial journalist Phil Rosen and investor Anthony Pompliano are teaming up to launch Opening Bell Daily, an independent news and research outlet committed to demystifying markets, investing, and Wall Street — at no cost to readers. 

Rosen, an outgoing senior reporter with Business Insider, will be the outlet’s lead editor. 

With a weekday newsletter and a long-form podcast, Opening Bell Daily will deliver original reporting, exclusive interviews, and expert analysis to an audience ranging from industry professionals to retail traders. 

The outlet will debut with iTrust Capital, a leading IRA platform, as its launch partner.  

“I quit a job I loved because I believe smart, even-handed financial news should not be a luxury,” Rosen said. “The economic and markets landscape is shifting fast, and I’m eager to make information more accessible and easier to understand.”

“I have been writing publicly about bitcoin and the macro environment for 6 years,” Pompliano said. “We now reach more than 3 million readers per month. But there is much more to financial markets than what I have historically covered, so I am excited to team up with Phil Rosen to expand into original reporting on the traditional finance industry.”

If you are a long-term optimist interested in becoming a smarter, more informed investor, Opening Bell Daily is for you. 

Markets move fast. We help you stay ahead. 

You are receiving The Pomp Letter because you either signed up or you attended one of the events that I spoke at. Feel free to unsubscribe if you aren’t finding this valuable. Nothing in this email is intended to serve as financial advice. Do your own research.

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