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The Pomp Letter
Helping 10,000 People Get A Job In Crypto

Helping 10,000 People Get A Job In Crypto


To investors, 

I set a goal earlier this year of helping 10,000 people leave their legacy jobs and get a new job within the bitcoin and crypto industry. That may seem like a big number initially, but we were able to create and launch a company that is well on the way to accomplishing that goal. Below is a guest post from CEO Colton Sakamoto on how we are training thousands of people this year to make the transition.

In January of this year, we created a single product to start with — our Crypto Job Board. Since its inception, we’ve helped hundreds of job seekers find work in the industry. One company was able to hire more than 30 employees from the product, which makes up 4% of their global workforce.

In partnering with both job seekers and employers, we noticed a common theme — job seekers felt like they didn’t have a way to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, and employers had a hard time finding candidates with basic crypto knowledge. Enter the Crypto Academy.

In February, we launched our training program, The Fundamentals of Bitcoin and Crypto. The course has helped over 20 students start careers at some of the top companies in the industry, like Coinbase, Gemini, BlockFi, Kraken, Strike, BTC Inc, Anchorage, and more. While most of the students that go through the program are interested in starting a new career, our course surveys have identified three main desired outcomes for enrollees:

  1. To work in the industry

  2. To learn more about bitcoin and crypto

  3. To meet others and join a community

1. Working in the Industry

There are thousands of open jobs in the bitcoin and crypto industry. Most people are unaware of the number of openings and types of roles available. The common misconception is that you need to be an engineer to work in bitcoin and crypto. You do not need to have technical experience to work in this industry – all of our hired program graduates have been non-technical.

Top talent is leaving the legacy world to create a better financial system. We’ve actively worked with the hiring departments at the major bitcoin and crypto companies to form a curriculum that covers the baseline level of knowledge needed to work in the industry. 

Here’s how the certification program helps job seekers find work in the bitcoin and crypto space:

Career events

The sixth and final workshop is hosted by top companies in the industry that actively hire from our candidate pool. We have exclusive events that have been hosted by Coinbase, BlockFi, Strike, Unstoppable Domains, Ava Labs, and more. This gives job seekers front row access to companies and while ensuring they don’t get lost in the shuffle of thousands of other applicants. Crypto Academy alumni are always welcome back to the job fairs for future cohorts.

Resume and Interview guidance

We have a coach that leads deep dives on how to tailor your resume to crypto companies and how to stand out in the application process. Alumni who have landed jobs in the industry regularly come back to join discussion groups and share information about what made them stand out.


All cohort graduates remain active in our Slack community. This means all of the hired alums are part of the community and can offer guidance on strategies that made them successful in the job hunt. We also have designated social events where you can meet your other classmates. Cohort members have met their podcast co-hosts, co-founders, and friends through these events.


Hiring departments want to see Proof of Work. In a new industry, there are few certifications that can separate you from the competition. We issue an NFT certificate to all course graduates which gives job seekers an accolade that they can put on their resumes.

Meet Allen (@allenHODL on Twitter), who took our program and landed a job at BTC Inc:

“From the very day I found bitcoin back in 2017, I knew I had to find a way to work in the industry. I had little to no industry knowledge and I did not have a single connection within the industry. I was like a deer in the headlights hoping to find a job.

When I found Pomp’s Crypto Course I knew this was my way in. I met a tremendous amount of like-minded people that have now become my friends, both coaches, and classmates. They helped me refine my bitcoin knowledge and pointed me in the right direction.

Since I participated in the course in May of 2021, I have started a podcast (Citizens of Blockchain), began educating others in Twitter Spaces, contribute weekly to the Slack channel the course provides, and most recently, gained employment with BTC Inc to build the bitcoin conference. All of this in 3 months. Were it not for the course I would not be in the position I am today to be working a dream job of mine.

If you’re looking for proof-of-work to show employers, this is it.”

2. Learning more about bitcoin and crypto

Learning about bitcoin and crypto can be challenging. There are tons of really solid free resources available, but the information is often segmented and not fully comprehensive. Podcasts, newsletters, and courses (like the Saylor Academy) are all great, free resources to learn more. However, completion rates for MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are very low (anywhere from 5-15%), and it takes time, dedication, and discipline to learn complex subjects on your own, and your questions may still go unanswered.

Cohort-based courses fix this. Our program includes live workshops hosted by Pomp. You will go through the academy alongside peers that are on the same learning journey as you are. We have Q&A sessions, as well as discussion groups and deep dives throughout the week. 

In addition to the core curriculum covered in Pomp’s workshops, we also cover:

  • Technical deep dives on how bitcoin works 

  • The Lightning Network

  • PoW vs. PoS

  • Running a node

  • NFTs

  • The creator economy and crypto

  • Meme creation

  • And much more

We host several optional events nearly every day throughout the course of the three weeks of the course. Outside of the main workshops, the course is analogous to a gym membership. You can pick and choose what you want to attend, and tailor your learning experience to match your interests. All sessions are recorded for those who aren’t able to attend live. 

3. Networking and forming a community

If you’re as obsessed with bitcoin as I am, you’ve probably annoyed friends and family once or twice. One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that people need a community of friends they can talk about bitcoin and crypto with. Every member that goes through our program gets lifetime access to all course materials as well as our Slack community. We have Slack channels for investing, learning, careers, memes, and more. We’ve done several in-person meetups, and host an alumni “family reunion” once per month. Students have found podcast co-hosts, co-founders, and friends through the Academy. 

“I recently completed Pomp's Crypto Academy and couldn't be happier with the experience! From the Coaches to the content, to the Cohort model it exceeded my expectations at every level. The classes were remarkable at adjusting the material to suit any degree of expertise from remedial to advanced. My only complaint is that I didn't do it sooner!” - Anthony Praskavich @Train_Johnson

We have built the most comprehensive bitcoin and crypto education program available. Through 7 cohorts, students have rated the course very highly, with the most recent cohort rating the program a 9.4/10. We’ve helped many students start new careers, and this is only the beginning. If the Crypto Academy sounds like it’s a good fit for your goals, apply here. We hope to see you in cohort 8!



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