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I've Been Building A New Investment Firm For The Last Two Years

I've Been Building A New Investment Firm For The Last Two Years


To investors,

For the last two years, I have been quietly building Professional Capital Management — a new investment firm.

The new firm takes a very different approach to compounding capital. First, the world is becoming more uncertain and less serious. Society is going to need professionals to step up and solve important problems.

A professional is obsessed with being the best. They seek new information and constantly want to improve. A professional takes responsibility for their successes and their failures. A professional does not complain.

Professionals know what it takes to succeed and they hold those around them to a higher standard. A professional never gives up. The only option for a professional is to win.

The idea of a "professional" is so important to me that I chose to make it the first word in the name of the firm.

Second, I recognize that an investment firm built to thrive in the future will have to be flexible enough to invest capital AND build companies from scratch.

Over the last two years, Professional Capital Management has cofounded and operated nine profitable companies across various industries. By building and scaling these companies, we are able to solve real problems and compound capital at an attractive rate.

I waited two years to talk about our work because I wanted to make sure we produced results before I ever mentioned it publicly. We are actively building new companies that will be announced in the coming weeks, along with deploying capital in the public and private markets.

Personally, I will continue to invest out of my family office (Pomp Investments) and be a large LP in Professional Capital Management's funds. The new firm will allow outside investors to invest alongside me as well.

If you are interested in cofounding a company with us or learning about our investment business, please send a message at

Professional Capital Management has been my full-time focus for the last two years and I am excited to continue building the firm with our team. As we make more progress, I will share some of the results from the companies we build and the investments we make.

Hope you all have a great day. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

-Anthony Pompliano

Here is my segment from CNBC this morning discussing bitcoin & stablecoins:

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