I fear the Bitcoin ETF will only cause price manipulation just as the Gold and Silver ETF’s. Who can say definitively that the wild price swings experienced over the last decade in Bitcoin were not manipulated by whales, government(s), or any number of possible manipulative entities with profit and/or control motives?

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Pushing 5 years now in this space and I've seen some S. when it comes to the volatility of BTC. Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Not me, that's who not. As per usual, this is when I buy as much as I can afford. I'm the opposite of a weak hand. I do not know the future but I can safely say that crypto is here to stay. Cheers

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ha, you are a weak American.

i hear u went on combat tours for your country,

and you made it back alive. congratulations.

also you got to see the boys in al qaeda play with the bitcoin and this made you angry.

although them brothers used them at the time. they still hold vast sums of bitcoin- estimated 5-10 million bitcoin.

yes actual bitcoin is in the hands of the brotherhood, 5million coins not usd.


so please american, u hide like a dog as the blasts went over your head.

you drink everynight to get to sleep due to the pain of your people screaming in pain.

please just stop the bitcoin pumping its getting boring.

you suck and your whore is a whore who only knows how to suck.

peace brother pomp.

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Lol. Parabolic? It went from 3.5 to 3.9K. That’s like 15% dummy. If you are the smart guy pushing Bitcoin I am super confident in taking the other side of the bet against you.

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