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Introducing the Bay Area Times

Introducing the Bay Area Times


To investors,

Today, we are publicly announcing the Bay Area Times — a new product that uses data and visuals to analyze what is happening across business, finance, and technology on a daily basis.

The product has been in beta testing with 20,000+ readers for the last few weeks and the feedback has been phenomenal. Now we are ready for prime time, so you can subscribe here completely free.

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Why are we building Bay Area Times? Simple — it is the news product that we wish we received every morning.

Narratives dominate the headlines on other platforms. Writers spend paragraphs regurgitating the same points over and over again. These legacy products take too long to read, they bury the data deep in paragraphs that are too long, and it is hard to recall most of the information that you read.

But what if you just want cold, hard facts? What if you want to see the data visualized in a single chart? What if you don’t have 10 minutes to read each morning?

This is exactly what Bay Area Times was built for.

Each morning an email goes out with approximately five big stories of the day. You get a visual (ex: chart, graph, or infographic) to clearly communicate what is happening, along with a few bullet points that summarize the rest of the data or facts.

No hidden agenda. No twisted facts. No biased narrative.

If you sign up for Bay Area Times, you will get visuals, data, and facts about the top stories of the day that can be read in less than 5 minutes. Everything is completely free.

Subscribe here:

I am very excited about this launch, so please send your feedback after you have received a few editions of the newsletter. Tell us what you like or don’t like, including where we can improve. Your feedback is invaluable when building something like this.

Lastly, if you are interested in advertising to 20,000+ people from some of the top companies in the world, apply as an advertiser here: Click here

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Launching new things is always fun. This one feels like it could be very valuable to people. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great start to your week. I’ll talk to everyone tomorrow.


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