Crypto News: June 18, 2018

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The Italian city of Naples is reportedly doubling down on blockchain tech.

It has created a working group composed of more than 300 volunteers from around the world, including academic scholars, blockchain professionals, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. An announcement like this usually isn’t that interesting to me, but one detail caught my eye.

Naples is considering an ICO to fund initial development for a city-specific cryptocurrency.

Let’s ignore the fact that a city-specific currency would have a number of challenges and focus on the intersection of public government & blockchain-enabled funding. It would be fascinating to see a fully developed city attempt an ICO to fund activities that benefit the local community.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this though.

Currently, the city council of Berkeley, Calif. has proposed a tokenized municipal bond, which would allow lower minimum investment sizes for potential investors. Not only does this reduce the barrier to participation for investors, but it would give local citizens financial upside in community projects. When asked why they were considering the project, one city council member explicitly said “to get around Wall Street.”

Another interesting project in the space is BuildCoin. This platform enables investors around the world to fund, and receive potential financial upside in, infrastructure projects in different communities. The team has started with feasibility studies for clean energy, water, transportation and communication infrastructure - an aspect of infrastructure projects that is essential to getting construction started, but is difficult to fund because it may end up with $0 ROI if the specific project is not pursued.

In both of these examples, local governments are able to sidestep the traditional funding bureaucracies and raise capital from individual investors. These citizens are voting with dollars on which projects they believe are worthwhile and which ones aren’t. If the funding mechanism becomes popular, we may see a rise of “citizen investors” who drive more efficient capital allocation by their governments.

As I’ve said before, the killer app of blockchain technology is capital formation. It’s exciting to see founders, companies, and now governments all using this new mechanism to drive innovation.

Welcome to the new world.


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